Ultimate Art Form for Spicy Content. Taste it. Own it.

NFTxCards is a new cultural concept of adult performers creating digital art. Don’t miss the opportunity to support your favorite performers.

Build a premium Collection

Each NFTX card has its own unique level of rarity. The most rare pieces contain special hidden bonuses for the owner. As the collection grows, the rarity of older cards grows and they become more precious.

Collect Your Desires
Explore New Fetishes

Yvonne Bar. Liya Silver. Vanessa Louis. Nadine Kerastas. Joanna Angel.

Our adult performers and star models create the most exclusive original content with unique personal fetishes that are new and fresh. Now you can make this experience your own with the help of blockchain technology and guaranteed uniqueness.

Blockchain Technology

Your NFT data is securely stored in a digital system, called blockchain. Blockchain ensures that all digital assets are unique and therefore not fungible.

Model Support

Our star models create private content in an art form exclusively for NFTxCards. Getting NFTxCards is a direct way to support your favorite model.


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